Climate Chat- California’s Clean Energy Future Threatened



California faces major changes to its electricity grid and electricity markets over the next decade. To achieve a clean energy future the state needs good policies that will protect its environmental leadership and renewable energy standards.

Tyson Siegele, electricity grid policy lead for SanDiego350, will present two possible scenarios for California's energy future: local clean energy or multi-state mystery energy.

Assembly Bill AB 813 introduced by Chris Holden would establish a path to a multi-state regional grid authority, favoring large corporations and fossil fuels over of local communities and renewable energy.

What’s driving Assemblyman Holden's proposal? What are the reasons for opposing it? What will be the likely effects on greenhouse gas emissions, California’s renewable standards, our economy, and the future of California’s electrical system?

Join us April 5th, as we deconstruct the mystery and rhetoric of this complex, interesting, and incredibly important issue.  Plus, find out how you can make an impact on the issue!

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Time and Location:
April 5th @ 6:30-8:15 PM
First Unitarian Universalist church of San Diego, 4190 Front St. (Hillcrest)
San Diego, CA 92103

This event is free, includes parking, and is open to the public. Donations accepted.