Don’t Block the Sun! (Protest)



San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is at it again – trying to block development of clean and green rooftop solar. They’re doing their best to convince the California Public Utilities Commission that Net Energy Metering (NEM), which allows solar users the ability to recoup the extra energy they produce on sunny days at night or on cloudy days, should be severely cut back. Similar moves in other states have crippled the solar industry, when we need to be expanding clean energy as much as possible.

Help us show the media, the public, our elected officials and the Public Utilities Commission that SDG&E’s proposal is a greedy scheme meant to protect their business model and line their pockets – at the expense of home owners, small business, and our ability to have a sustainable, healthy environment.P1000744

Please wear your SanDiego350 t-shirt. We’ll have lots of signs. We’ll join the Sierra Club, the California Solar Energy Industries Association, local solar companies and other partners. Please allow time for parking.


Questions? Contact Joyce.