Labor Landscape Training



Labor groups are an extremely influential political force and play a vital role in shaping local, state and national policy. One of the areas that labor groups impact is environmental legislation, in particular these groups will continue to help shape the direction of the climate change movement. As SanDiego350 members it is vital that we have a positive working relationship with labor groups and have a good understanding of the issues that are important to labor, especially in regards to climate change and environmental policy.

The Labor Landscape Training will provide an overview and brief history of the labor movement and some key players nationally and locally in labor. Additionally, the presentation will provide valuable information on how SanDiego350 can best work with the labor movement to achieve our mutual goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring environmental justice and creating well paying jobs in the clean technology sector.

The presentation will be given by Jim Miller, who has been involved with and studied the labor movement for a number of years. Jim teaches English and Labor Studies at San Diego City College, serves on the executive board of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 1931 and does political action work.

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