Planet-Based Diet Team Meeting



PBD planet plate logoJoin the Planet-Based Diet team to discuss how to raise awareness that shifting from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet is a huge, immediate, and affordable action to mitigate climate change and resource depletion.

Topics for discussion will include

  • Working with SD Public Policy Team on policy statement
  • Working with other cities also working on climate/diet connection
  • January events

MEETING ROOM INFO: When you walk in the front door there will be ANOTHER meeting in the large open room to your left that you can see from the street.  The SanDiego350 PLANET-BASED DIET team meeting will be in the card room which will be to your right after you enter the building.  Then it’s the only door on the left side.

JOIN some of us before the meeting for dinner at Native Foods, 5:45 pm at 3369 Rosecrans, Pt. Loma

We encourage carpooling to all our events. If you’d like to carpool please use our carpool app.