When you flip a switch you expect the lights to go on. . . . but at the other end of that power line are dedicated engineers who work day and night keeping the power on to our homes and businesses. It's a bit like the stock market - except these guys play a critical role 24/7/365.

Multiple factors affect the price we ultimately pay: time of day, weather, temperature, outages, fuel markets vs. renewables, weekends and holidays.

What will you learn?
For this session, Beau will be talking about the role power transactions in the bi-lateral and ISO markets in the Western grid.

He will also talk about the challenges of marketing intermittent resources such as wind and solar while maintaining reliability and stability of the Bulk Electric System.

A quick glance at energy scheduling tools and methods will also be part of the presentation.

Beau Beljean, Real Time Energy Scheduling Supervisor with ZGlobal Inc in El Centro, CA heads a team of real time power marketers managing a portfolio of more than 1,500 MW of renewable energy, including scheduling for the City of Anaheim .

His engineering background, interning GENI in 2012 as part of Master’s degree of Science in Renewable Energy has also allowed him to cross functionally coordinate all phases of development and construction of close to 250MW of utility scale solar PV resources located in California’s Imperial Valley.


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