Two Meter Sea Level Rise Unstoppable-Experts

By Gerard Wynn Gerard Wynn – Tue Sep 29, 3:14 pm ET OXFORD, England (Reuters) – A rise of at least two meters in the world's sea levels is now almost unstoppable, experts told a climate conference at Oxford University on Tuesday.

New NASA Research May Show "Runaway" Ice Melt Has Begun

The most optimistic view about Greenland and Antarctica ice melt is now off the table, and the worst case scenario about accelerating, self-perpetuating ice melt is front and center in climate science, according to science experts, reacting to news about fresh NASA-funded research be

How Much Human Activity Can Earth Handle?

The scientific name is the Holocene Age, but climatologists like to call our current climatic phase the Long Summer. The history of Earth's climate has rarely been smooth.

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