In threat to food security, Bangladesh moves to burn grain for fuel


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Syful Islam


Bangladesh plans to begin turning some of the grain it produces into ethanol to make its fuel greener – but economists and experts warn the move could hurt food security in a country that is already a grain importer.

Geodesign Session 2 - Brazil

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Global Energy Network International
Global Classroom Summer Series 2015
- Thursday July 9, 2015 - "Sustainable Development and Resilient Systems. Why and How our world has changed."

Geodesign* - Engineering the Transition to
Renewable Energy and Clean Water for All


Renewable Energy

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Energy from renewable resources—wind, water, the sun, biomass and geothermal energy—is inexhaustible and clean.

The costs of technologies to capture that energy are rapidly falling and becoming economically competitive with fossil fuels, while reducing the risk of climate change. Investing in renewable energy creates jobs, fosters economic growth, and improves energy security for countries that lack domestic fossil fuel resources.

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Jerry Sanders


San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

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Jerry Sanders began his lifelong career in public service when he joined  the San Diego Police Department at the age of 22. In 1999, Sanders retired as Police Chief and became CEO of the United Way of San Diego. In 2005 he was elected as Mayor to San Diego. Under his control the city financial staff completed six years' worth of back logged audits, allowing the city to return to the public bond markets.This helped to fund the mayor's commitment to repair San Diego's long neglected water, sewer and transportation infrastructure.

How to fix the 10 worst wastes of water


Heather Clancy

From the drought dilemma in California to extraordinary snowfall across the Northeast, the unpredictable nature of water supplies is prompting a high-profile conversation across the United States.

Nowhere To Hide From Global Forest Watch


There's nowhere to hide now that Global Forest Watch has launched - citizens around the world now have all the information they need to monitor the state of the world's forests. 

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