High Noon - 20 Global Problems, 10 Years to Solve Them

Summer immersive discussion series | July- August, 2012.

In this age of instant communication and biotechnology, on this ever-smaller planet, what kinds of a problem have we created for ourselves? How do we tackle them in a world where the accustomed methods used by nation-states may be reaching their natural limits?

In High Noon, J.F.Rischard challenges us to take a new approach to the twenty most important and urgent global problems of the twenty-first century. Rischard finds their common thread: we don't have an effective way of dealing with the problems that our increasingly crowded, interconnected world creates. Our difficulties belong to the future, but our means of solving them belong to the past.

Rischard proposes new vehicles for global problem-solving that are startling and persuasive. With its clear-eyed urgency and refreshing specificity, High Noon is an agenda-setting book that everyone who cares about the future must read.


Sharing our Planet: issues involving the global commons

Sharing our Humanity: issues requiring a global commitment

Sharing our Rulebook: issues needing a global regulatory approach


  • Faster, leaner production processes
  • Alliances galore, & more supplies over long distances
  • Reshaping established business from the ground up
  • New product and service ideas