Review Plan B: 2013 Summer Series Presentation

The Global Classroom series explored the critical trends, challenges, and solutions to some of our world’s most pressing problems. 

You can view the presentations of each topic done this summer seminar series presented by the World Resources SimCenter.

Based on the acclaimed book by Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute, you will get immersed in the trends, projections, and solutions of our most challenging issues.

Our interns have presented their findings in our large format 12 screen surround facility.  You will literally "see" each issue to better understand the interconnected relationships from one week to the next.  

Plan B Concentrated on the Four Components for a sustainable planet and a brighter future for all:

  • A massive cut in global carbon emissions
  • The stabilization of world's population
  • The abatement of poverty
  • The restoration of planet's diverse natural landscape