100% Renewable San Diego



100% Renewable San Diego is a road map for success in making San Diego completely reliant on renewable energy by the year 2035. This road map is based on initiatives that are currently being taken, future projections, and innovative ideas from other cities that are currently 100% renewable.


Greenhouse gas emissions already have consequences on our future -- it will be hotter, drier, with more fires, bluff erosion and rising seas. It's time we focus on making the City, County, and Port of San Diego 100% renewable.


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  • Turn down the temperature on the thermostat and turn up the temperature on the AC
  • Shut off computers when not in use
  • Unplug chargers that aren't being used
  • Wait until you have a full load of clothes before doing laundry
  • Avoid using high temperature settings when doing laundry
  • Clean the lint trap before drying clothes
  • Turn off lights when they aren't in use
  • Turn your fridge up to 37°F and your freezer to 3°F