The Business Case

Phase IV of the WRSC has been highlighted by the opening of the WRSC space in downtown San Diego in June 2011.  As part of our ongoing research and development efforts, we continue to compile an inventory of world resources to help you analyze and assess historical and projected trends.  The WRSC includes twelve 60" x 72" screens to project up to twelve images simultaneiously.  This enables you to study best practices and solutions to current and anticipated problems on the international, national, regional and local levels.


In our world of multiple crises, this visualization facility is a critical tool for you, your team, and your stakeholders for thoughtful decision-making.  The WRSC provides leaders from business, government, education, and NGOs with a new collaborative problem-solving resource.



The WRSC space is now available to a variety of organizations to use for seminars, training sessions, receptions, etc. To learn more about or to reserve the WRSC space, click here.