World Bank launches Thirsty Energy Initiative


Diego J. Rodriguez

Thirsty Energy – World Bank launches global initiative on Energy and Water

Dear colleagues and friends,

Last week, on 22 January 2014, the World Bank formally launched its global initiative at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2014 in Abu Dhabi: Thirsty Energy

This initiative aims to support countries in addressing interdependent water and energy challenges, help governments prepare for an uncertain future, and break disciplinary silos that prevent cross-sectoral planning. With the energy sector as an entry point, Thirsty Energy quantifies tradeoffs and identifies synergies between water and energy resource management.

Thirsty Energy is a demand-driven initiative, not a top-down approach.  The initiative aims to ensure that countries and governments address energy and water management in a more integrated manner and share knowledge based on their experience tackling these challenges.  

The launch of the initiative at WFES was well received and different parties showed interest in the initiative. Thus, we wish to provide some more information on the Who, How, What and Why of Thirsty Energy:

- Thirsty Energy website  
- A series of  infographics  in English, Arabic, French and Spanish - feel free to use them!
- Two page summary  of Thirsty Energy
- Press Release titled “ Water Shortages Slow Energy Production Worldwide ”, published on 20 January, in English, French, Arabic and Chinese
- Thirsty Energy  working paper  
- Feature Story “ Will Water Constrain Our Energy Future?”  
- Blog by Rachel Kyte - “ Needed: Pragmatic Energy Leadership for a Livable Future
- Blog by Diego Rodriguez & Marcelino Madrigal- “ 4 Ways Water Shortages Are Harming Energy Production
- Presentation on " Interlinkages and trade-offs between water and energy "
- Presentation on “ The challenges of understanding the Water Requirements of the Power Sector  “
- Some selected media coverage of the "Thirsty Energy" launch last week in Abu Dhabi:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch in case you wish to find out more.

Best regards,

Diego J. Rodriguez
Senior Economist, World Bank