The Global Solutions – Making The World Work For Everyone – U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

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World Resources Simulation Center

The Global Solutions – Making The World Work For Everyone
Here’s your chance to solve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

The mission is to "make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone"

The Sustainable Development Goals officially known as “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” is a set of 17 Global Goals with 169 targets between them.

Climate Action -- Mobility Solutions: Financing Climate Neutral Cities

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World Resources Simulation Center

Climate Action Mobility Solutions and Financing Climate Neutral Cities

The City of Palo Alto leads our state and the world in addressing climate change and local solutions.

The easy actions are being done. But some challenges are beyond any city border, and require a broader view of what’s possible.

Join us to explore two of the most vexing challenges we face in our region.

Bring your ideas, best practices, trends and technologies that will help Palo Alto, Silicon Valley and cities everywhere.

See how the world's aid flows with our competition winner


The results of the Guardian Data/Google competition are in and this is our winner. We asked you to visualise for us how aid flows around the world - and we received so many great entries we will be showcasing more here.

Urban Observatory Compare Cities



"When you imagine people living densely packed, you may think of New York City. But a new report from the Census Bureau shows California is home to the most densely populated metro areas in the United States," according to KPBS.


The Global Peace Index - data visualisation – Vision of Humanity



Vision of Humanity

Following last week’s launch of the Global Peace Index report, the media have been busy producing visualisations based on the Global Peace Index data. The following are a selection of innovative presentations from the World Economic Forum, Statista, EPLO and the Indy100.

US States & Cities With the Best Summer Weather on Cool Maps

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All temperature & precipitation numbers are averaged from daily data for the years 2000 to 2014, collected from the National Climatic Data Center. In cases where measurements were unavailable for the entire span, only areas with at least 60 months of data were included.

Averages were restricted to this period to give you a broad based, yet current snapshot of the weather in each area.

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World


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If you’re a visual learner like myself, then you know maps, charts and infographics can really help bring data and information to life. Maps can make a point resonate with readers and this collection aims to do just that.

Cheap Phones Churn Out Big Data


MIT Technology Review

David Talbot

At a computer in her office at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, epidemiologist Caroline Buckee points to a dot on a map of Kenya's western highlands, representing one of the nation's thousands of cell-phone towers.

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