WRSC Phase Timeline

Phase IIn June 2009, we hosted a prototype event in Oceanside, CA, demonstrating the value of collaboration and surround visualization.  Phase I focused on the interconnected issues of energy, water, population demographics and oceans.  During Phase II we raised  $46,000 with our new Partners. For Phase III, the WRSC hosted a month-long event on the “Energy and Water Sustainability in Southern California” in Sept 2010. 

In June 2011 we moved in to our new facility. Our goal for Phase IV, is to develop our expertise and capacity to accelerate sustainable solutions in this immersive visualization environment.  We are seeking capital to help create and staff this working scale version of the Center as a 2 year ongoing demonstration of the capabilities of the fully funded WRSC.  Using off-the-shelf technology of projectors and computers, we can begin to do the work of the WRSC, gaining technological know-how and hosting smaller scale collaborative events to test and further refine the processes of the Center. This demonstrations facility lays the groundwork for gaining new institutional and corporate partners, and securing funding for the full scale World Resources Simulation Center in Phase V.  

GENI’s current staff and budget of approximately $204,000 has been moved into the new WRSC facility. An additional $350,000 per year, in addition to GENI’s current budget would be needed for rent, operations and personnel. During the first year at our new facility we plan to build the earned income to demonstrate the viability of the business model.  The second year is dedicated to continuing the work of the WRSC, and expanding sponsorship to be transition into the fully funded Phase V facility.  

At present, an investment of $395,000 would insure sufficient funds to develop and operate the demonstration facility while reaching a positive cash flow in the second quarter of the second year. 





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For expressions of interest, please contact Peter Meisen at GENI, (619) 234-1088, peter@geni.org



Phase IV Budget Projections

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