Dr. Jeoffry Gordon is discussing the large and growing wealth gap in Amercia where 40 people own as much as the bottom 50%.

This talk will document the extraordinary extremes of income and wealth inequality that has been allowed to develop in the USA in the last 30 years. The actual conditions in America are worse than, for example, in Russia and similar to those in most Central American countries including Mexico. We document how these inequalities have devastating effects on nearly 90% of American families producing levels of cultural, health and civic disarray which used to be confined to poor ghettos.

We have become a "Banana Republic" with most citizens and families being sucked dry for the profit of an elite oligarchy. We show how these injustices were created by explicit (although dissembled) policy choices by federal and state governments, and our courts. Dr. Gordon will make explicit recommendations for recreating a vital and just democracy The data presented will help you understand both the angry citizenry and the contentious atmosphere of the 2016 Presidential election.

Dr. Gordon retired after being a family doc in San Diego for 40 years. He have had a life long passionate dedication to social justice. He has been involved in health policy at the federal (in the United States Public Health Service), state (as a member of the California Medical Licensing Board and as a nursing home inspector), and local level (as one of the founders of the Beach Area Community Clinic and as staff in the Department of Public Health). Jeff continues to provide medical care to homeless patients and is a bioethics consultant at a local hospital. Dr Gordon has been discussing economic inequality as a major threat to our democracy since 2005.



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