What's Really warming the world?

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NASA's Model
Researchers who study the Earth's climate create models to test their assumptions about the causes and trajectory of global warming. Around the world there are 28 or so research groups in more than a dozen countries who have written 61 climate models. Each takes a slightly different approach to the elements of the climate system, such as ice, oceans, or atmospheric chemistry.

Here's what happened to sea levels the last time Earth was this warm



Thomas Sumner, Science News


HISTORIC HEAT Sea levels were 6 to 9 meters higher than present-day levels the last time Earth’s climate was this warm, new research suggests. Similar sea level rise today would submerge many coastal areas (red). JOHN C. KOSTELNICK (DATA), GSFC/NASA (VISUALIZATION)

Report: Ozone Layer on Road to Recovery



Lisa Schlein

GENEVA - The World Meteorological Organization reports the earth'€s protective ozone layer is on track to recovery by the middle of the century. The agency says the so-called Montreal Protocol, which calls for the phase out of ozone-depleting substances is working.

UN says fertiliser crisis is damaging the planet


The Independent

Michael McCarthy

The world is facing a fertiliser crisis, with far too little in some places, and far too much in others, a new report from the United Nations says today.

2016 Climate Trends Continue to Break Records


<a href="http://www.nasa.gov">www.nasa.gov</a> - Patrick Lynch

Two key climate change indicators -- global surface temperatures and Arctic sea ice extent -- have broken numerous records through the first half of 2016, according to NASA analyses of ground-based observations and satellite data.

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