Miniature lab can diagnose disease in the field


People who live in the poorest and remotest parts of the developing world often have their lives cut short by disease -- preventable or curable disease. The first essential step to fighting these diseases is correctly identifying them.

Experts roll out malaria map, urge mosquito study

Tan Ee Lyn

(Reuters) - Nearly 3 billion people, or two-fifths of the world's population, were at risk of contracting malaria in 2009 and closer study of the mosquito's life cycle is needed to combat the disease, researchers said in two reports.

Global poverty rate falling, says UN

Mark Tran

Annual progress report on the millennium development goals shows the world is on track to end extreme poverty, but hunger target is proving more difficult to achieve

Multiple Heat Waves Cap Planet’s Warming Trend

This time, the heat is really on. From Boston to Washington, D.C., temperatures have soared to 100 degrees or more in recent days, stressing electrical grids, scrambling rail transportation and prompting the swift creation of cooling centers for those who lack air conditioning.

Mobile Phone And Internet Use Grows Robustly

Mobile Phone and Internet Use Grows Robustly The use of mobile telephones and the Internet continues to grow worldwide, and the two technologies are increasingly becoming integrated through advances like Internet-ready “smart” phones.

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