Energy poverty deprives 1 billion of adequate healthcare, says report


Claire Provost

Energy poverty has left more than 1 billion people in developing countries without access to adequate healthcare, with staff forced to treat emergency patients in the dark, and health centres lacking the power they need to store vaccines or sterilise medical supplies, according to a report.

China burns half of coal consumption worldwide, figures show


Adam Vaughan

China now burns nearly as much coal as the rest of the world combined.

The country's appetite for the carbon-intensive fuel rose by 9% in 2011, to 3.8bn tonnes, meaning it now accounts for 47% of worldwide coal consumption.

Global Food - Waste Not, Want Not


George Aggidis, Ian Arbon, Colin Brown, Charles Clarke, John Earp, Tim Fox, David Greenway, Alistair Smith, Bob Stannard, David Warriner, Simon Whatley, David Williams

Feeding the 9 Billion: The tragedy of waste

By 2075, the United Nations’ mid-range projection for global population growth predicts that human numbers will peak at about 9.5 billion people.

Carbon Taxes Make Ireland Even Greener


Elisabeth Rosenthal

DUBLIN — Over the last three years, with its economy in tatters, Ireland embraced a novel strategy to help reduce its staggering deficit: charging households and businesses for the environmental damage they cause.


Don Liddell



Subject Matter Expert

Don Liddell is the General Counsel of CESA and a principal of Douglass & Liddell.  Don provides legal and government affairs support for CESA's regulatory and legislative advocacy in all forums.  In addition to CESA, he is in private practice as an attorney focused exclusively on energy law.  Don was Assistant General Counsel of Sempra Energy, where he was dedicated to all aspects of its unregulated companies.  Don served on the Board of Directors of the Independent Energy Producers Association from 1990 to 1997, including a term as Chairman.


Thomas R. Brill


San Diego Gas & Electric Company

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Thomas R. Brill is the Director of Strategic Analysis at San Diego Gas and Electric Company.  In this role, Tom leads strategic analysis and strategic plan development work at a time of significant industry changes in both the electricity and natural gas markets and also heads SDG&E's Rates, Load Analysis, and Demand Forecasting Departments.  Previously, he served as Director of Corporate Regulatory Policy, Assistant General Counsel of Regulatory Policy, and as Director of Regulatory and Legislative Policy at Sempra Energy.  In all of these positions, Mr.

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