Can today’s EVs make a dent in climate change?

08-17-2016 - David L. Chandler

Electric vehicles can meet drivers’ needs enough to replace nearly 90 percent of vehicles now on the road. Could existing electric vehicles (EVs), despite their limited driving range, bring about a meaningful reduction in the greenhouse-gas emissions that are causing global climate change?


Jim Linthicum



Subject Matter Expert

Linthicum joined SANDAG as the division director of engineering and construction when the agency consolidated with the Metropolitan Transit Development Board in 2003. Linthicum also spent 23 years at Caltrans, the last 11 as the deputy director of construction. He played a key role in many of the region's significant transportation projects, including the Mission Valley East Trolley extension, numerous highway projects, and the seismic retrofit of the Coronado Bridge.

Transportation to Work: San Diego County, 2009

Submitted by c.bernhardt.14 on Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:28

"San Diego is dominated by automobile usage as a result of our increasing population, suburban lifestyles, and land use decisions dating back to the early 20th century. For example, only 3% of our workforce commutes to work using public transportation (ranking 33rd out of 50 cities). 76% of San Diegans drive to work alone; 10% carpool, leading to one of the highest congestion rankings in the country (41 of the 50 largest cities)." - Equinox Center

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