Energy without borders

New Scientist

Iceland has lots of geothermal energy, Norway has hydropower. The wind blows hard in Scotland and the sun always shines in North Africa. Helen Knight explores plans to connect these diverse sources to a single network

EU study: clean energy costs no more in long run


BRUSSELS (AP) — A report issued Thursday says the European Union can cut its emissions of greenhouse gases dramatically by 2050 without spending any more money — and even, perhaps, saving a bit.

The link between water and energy in San Diego

Submitted by marcusaluna on Fri, 12/02/2011 - 12:57

This map shows how water gets to San Diego from various sources near San Diego, and how electricity is involved in that process. Around the map via a chart, text, and graphs there is an explanation in more detail how water gets to San Diego, and how electricity and water are related through comparing information such as usage and conservation.

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