Urban planning failures putting lives at risk - expert

alertnet // Katie Murray

Failures of urban planning are putting lives, infrastructure and businesses at risk as weather shocks – like the floods now surging through Bangkok – become more frequent as a result of climate change, urban planning and climate experts say.

Facing up to the global water crisis

Jae So

Some poor, politically stable countries have made great strides in access to water supply and sanitation. Water experts meeting in Stockholm called for further improvements

Water systems at risk from growing demand for food - expert

alertnet // Laurie Goering

LONDON (AlertNet) – Efforts to feed an extra 2 billion people by mid-century could lead to widespread destruction of forests, wetlands and other natural systems that protect and regulate the world’s water, researchers warn.

The Global Food Crisis, Mapped


Oxfam, the antihunger group, has been running a campaign to call attention to the global food crisis, its consequences and its potential solutions.

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