NASA: Sea level rise could be worse than we thought


Tia Ghose

The consequences of global sea level rise could be even scarier than the worst-case scenarios predicted by the dominant climate models, which don't fully account for the fast breakup of ice sheets and glaciers, NASA scientists said Wednesday at a press briefing.

11 maps to mark the COP21 climate talks


Elsa Wenzel

Verbose. Indecipherable. Incroyable. Those are just a few ways to describe the dizzyingly complex COP21 climate negotiations in Paris this year.


Cody Hooven


City of San Diego

Subject Matter Expert

Her role includes coordinating implementation of the Climate Action Plan, adaptation planning, and incorporating sustainability into economic development. Prior to joining the City of San Diego, Cody was with the Port of San Diego and managed the Green Port program. Cody works on various collaborative efforts in San Diego and statewide, including as a founding member of the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative.


Seth Litchney


Senior Planner, City of San Diego

Subject Matter Expert

Since joining the Planning Department in 2014, he has overseen the adoption of the Grantville Focused Plan Amendment and is currently completing the City's Climate Action Plan.  Previously, Mr. Litchney was appointed by Governors Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Governor's Office of Planning and Research to oversee the update of the General Plan Guidelines, write and implement technical advisories on land use, climate change, and complete streets, and create the State of California's Urban Greening and Sustainable Communities grant programs.

Geodesign Session 5 Road Map

Submitted by Derek F on Wed, 08/26/2015 - 10:48

As the demand for freshwater and energy increases in San Diego County and Northern Baja, the fresh water supply continues to shrink while energy generation remains heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Due to these opposing trends in supply and demand, it becomes increasingly imperative to identify solutions that move these communities to their preferred state in which they are largely reliant on renewable energy and use water sustainably. Large-scale energy solutions include wind power, one of the must abundant sources of energy in these regions.

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