Ocean acidification may cause dramatic changes to phytoplankton


MIT News

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office

Oceans have absorbed up to 30 percent of human-made carbon dioxide around the world, storing dissolved carbon for hundreds of years. As the uptake of carbon dioxide has increased in the last century, so has the acidity of oceans worldwide.

Geodesign Session 3 - Brazil

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Global Energy Network International 
Summer Series: Geodesign 2015
- Thursday July 23 - "Maps tell the story of San Diego and Northern Baja. We are Connected"

Geodesign* - Engineering the Transition to
Renewable Energy and Clean Water for All


China and Australia top list of 'carbon bomb' projects


Oliver Milman

China and Australia top a global list of planned oil, gas and coal projects that will act as "carbon bombs" and push the planet towards catastrophic climate change, a Greenpeace report warned on Tuesday.

China burns half of coal consumption worldwide, figures show


Adam Vaughan

China now burns nearly as much coal as the rest of the world combined.

The country's appetite for the carbon-intensive fuel rose by 9% in 2011, to 3.8bn tonnes, meaning it now accounts for 47% of worldwide coal consumption.

Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Region, 1990-2011

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“This figure shows carbon dioxide emissions from 1990 to 2011 for different regions of the world. These totals do not include emissions or sinks related to land-use change or forestry. Inclusion of land-use change and forestry would increase the apparent emissions from some regions while decreasing the emissions from others.” – United States Environmental Protection Agency

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Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector, 1990-2010

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"This figure shows worldwide greenhouse gas emissions by sector from 1990 to 2010. For consistency, emissions are expressed in million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents. These totals include emissions and sinks due to land-use change and forestry.

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