Geodesign Session 2 - San Diego and Baja

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Global Energy Network International
Global Classroom Summer Series 2015
- Thursday July 9, 2015 - "Sustainable Development and Resilient Systems. Why and How our world has changed."

Geodesign* - Engineering the Transition to
Renewable Energy and Clean Water for All


Water as vital to national security as defence - UN


Alister Doyle

OSLO, March 22 (Reuters) - Stresses on water supplies aggravated by climate change are likely to cause more conflicts and water should be considered as vital to national security as defence, a United Nations report said on Friday.

How High Could the Tide Go?


Justin Gillis

BREDASDORP, South Africa — A scruffy crew of scientists barreled down a dirt road, their two-car caravan kicking up dust. After searching all day for ancient beaches miles inland from the modern shoreline, they were about to give up.

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